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Thermal break aluminium profiles advantages and features

Thermal break aluminium profile advantages and features

Thermal break aluminium profile is made by thermal break aluminium profile production machine, which includes teeth forming machine, strip feeder and rolling forming machine and tester.  Please visit thermal break aluminium production machine from the supplier for more.

As thermal break aluminium profile has the following advantages and it is widely used in the window and doors and projects

1 Remarkable energy saving effect, energy saving can be 30-40%

2 excellent sound insulation performance, can reduce noise 30-50Db.

3 superb anti-frosting and antifogging performance, the window can be clean and bright

4 High strength, wind resistance performance can be 1 level standard

5 Good airtight and watertight performances, both is 1 level standard

6 Three chambered design principle, high stability of structure, excellent mechanical properties.

7 Advanced strip feeding technology, with reasonable structure, firm combination, good rigidity features, heat insulation effect is better

8 Thermal break aluminum profile can be anodized, electrophoresis, powder coated and fluorocarbon coated, rich varieties, good performance, ideal energy saving and sound insulation effect.