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aluminium profiles for automobile industry

Aluminum profiles for automobile industry

The automobile industry specially depends on the extruded profiles for a number of small and big uses. The complex designs and patterns are developed with the use of aluminium profiles which are capable of being molded into complex shapes. The profiles used for automotive industry at the same time needs to be strong enough to be able to take the daily wear and tear of the automobiles as well as the variable weather conditions to which these profiles are exposed. The strength and durability is very necessary.

Aluminium profiles are the commonly used profiles as they fulfill all of the above requirements are low weight as well.

They are used in:

  1. Various internal and external parts like the impact beams, radiators, bumpers and dashboards.
  2. Engine structures and fuel equipments .
  3. The outer safety guards of the vehicle like the bumpers, beams, roof railings, etc.
  4. Seat sides, seat mobility feature enablers and back rests.
  5. Complex sun roof channels
  6. Internal design enhancers like the dashboards, sun blockers, door handles and other parts.
  7. Condensing tubes are also extruded tubes with more than one hollow chambers.