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Honstar is China aluminum profile, China aluminium extrusion and China extruded aluminium profiles supplier and we can offer the following surface treatment aluminum profiles for our customer, mill finished, Anodizing for decoration; matt silver, anodized champagne, anodized black, anodized bronze, anodized gold,  Corrosion resistant surface in all colors; Powder coated in all RAL colors, Wood or marble grain; Paint; Mechanical polishing; chemical polishing, Chemical burnishing; Bright dip, bright silver, bright gold, brushing stainless steel color and polishing stainless steel color.

Products: flat bars, square bars, round bars, drawing profiles, standard profiles, industrial aluminum profiles,aluminum heat sink profiles,flyscreen aluminum profiles, window and door profiles, systems for other applications, furnishing systems, public works systems, skylight systems, partition systems, louvers & light barriers systems, transport systems, mosquito nets systems, extruded tubes,aluminum tile trim profile,China aluminium profile,China aluminum extrusion, China extruded aluminium profiles,aluminum extrusion profiles, aluminum profile, aluminum alloy, aluminum sections, aluminium windows, aluminium doors, aluminium extrusion, aluminum tubing, aluminum pipe, aluminum solar frame, extruded aluminum profiles.

Customer service: technical assistance, dies manufacturing, further workings, dies drawing, one stop service

Further workings: assembling, profiles bending, finishing, drilling, machining operations, welding, CNC machining,cut to size, cut to length,cut to shape.

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