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Aluminium dross processing and aluminium dross recovery machine

Aluminum dross generated from aluminum melting furnace and aluminum dross processing machine

Aluminum dross generated from aluminum melting furnace and aluminum dross processing machine

Aluminum dross is a mass of solid impurities floating on a molten metal.  As aluminum metal melting point is 660℃, which is low-melting-point, so it will be formed on the surface in aluminum melting or alloys by oxidation of the aluminum.

In the factory, aluminum dross generated from aluminum melting furnace is about 600 tons per month,  the aluminum  content in aluminum dross is about 40-75%, so it is very important to increase aluminum recovery rate from aluminum dross, which will effect the profit magin in the aluminum melting and aluminum extrusion.

We compare dross processing methods and we use high efficiency and environment-friendly aluminum dross processing machine for the dross recovery in aluminum melting workshop and the recovery rate  is satisfied.   The economic benefits is great and we got the feedback from the accouting department.

Here is the advantages of the aluminum dross processing machine with the aluminum dross cooling system in  aluminum melting factory

High efficiency for recycling rate (90% of aluminum from the ashes), short working time (10-12 minutes for finish the separation of 200kgs-650kgs aluminum and dross)

★Small investment, big processing capacity.  500kgs-2,600kgs aluminum dross processing capacity per hour.

★Low production cost

★No pollution. Cyclone dust collector can avoid the pollution and meet the requirement of environment protection

★Make full use of aluminum dross.  The aluminum processed from aluminum dross can be used for the melting. Aluminum dross can be used as the materials of aluminum chloride series reagent. Or aluminum dross can be sold to the subcontractor for the further processing or aluminum dross can be joint materials that replaced ice stone for the raw materials of Electrolytic aluminium.

★making improvement based on imported foreign advance technology (add crushing function and sieving function)

★High degree mechanization; good cooling and sieving in grade function

★Convenient for the central dust collecting (the buyer needs to provide environmental-friendly dedusting device)

★Sturdy structure and long using life